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Most Current Public UMA Draft - January 9, 2002 (last updated 2/10/02)

Sample Summary of Significant Differences Between UMA and Current Statutes (California Only) (last updated 2/10/02) - Comparison of specific sections of UMA with current state statutes, example of state-by-state comparison now required

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Coming to Your State Soon?

The Uniform Mediation Act


Uniform Mediation Act Now In State Legislatures. The Uniform Mediation Act is now being introduced in state legislatures. In every state there are Uniform Law Commissioners, whose role is to work to replace their state's existing laws with the UMA. The goal is to get their legislature to adopt the UMA as the main body of law defining and governing mediation in their state. The Act was officially adopted by the full National Conference of Commissioners on Uniform State Laws at its August 2001 meeting in West Virginia. The American Bar Association House of Delegates then voted to endorse the Act at its February 2002 meeting, with only a handful of opposing votes. Introduction into each state's legislature will proceed on a schedule coordinated at least partially through the UMA's Enactment Coordinator, Stan Fisher.

Detailed State-By-State Analysis Needed. A detailed reading and analysis of the Act is now needed in every state, to decide whether to support its adoption. As the UMA is introduced in each state, careful analysis will also be needed to decide exactly which sections of existing state law should be repealed and which kept (per UMA Section 15). The Reporter's Notes contain important Legislative Notes intended to guide legislators on certain important issues. For instance, one states "Legislative Note: The Act does not supersede existing state statutes that make mediators incompetent to testify, or that provide for costs and attorney fees to mediators who are wrongfully subpoenaed. See, e.g., Cal. Evid. Code Section 703.5 (West 1994)." The Reporter's Notes are available at <> For an example of analysis comparing a state's current law with the UMA's provisions, please see the chart below.

Summary of Most Recent Changes. The conference made several significant improvements from the previous draft. Participants are now entitled to receive actual notice if the confidentiality protections are waived before any session, the exception for judicial officers was narrowed to except only judges, and the requirement for disclosure of conflicts of interest was made a regular requirement of the Act (previously optional). Other changes include significantly revising the scope of which mediations the Act covers, revising the way the Act deals with the many mediators from backgrounds other than law, eliminating the section guiding courts on how the Act should be construed, and changing the way the Act deals with general confidentiality (as opposed to court privilege).

Act Intended to Strengthen Confidentiality. The desirability of this Act has been hotly debated in a large number of states, especially those already having what they consider stronger protections. To clarify the intent of the Act, the ABA Section of Dispute Resolution sent out a description containing the statement that "The Act is crafted as a minimum level of protection in those states that have none and is not meant to replace stronger confidentiality protections already on the books." The Official Reporters for both the NCCUSL and ABA Drafting Committees, Nancy Rogers and Richard Reuben, confirmed that this statement accurately reflected their understandings as well.

Ron Kelly, Berkeley, Official UMA Observer (, 510-843-6074)

(Permission granted to reprint in newsletters, post on listserves and online journals, etc.).



Drafted by the


and by it


at its






SECTION 1. TITLE. This [Act] may be cited as the Uniform Mediation Act.



(1) "Mediation" means a process in which a mediator facilitates communication and negotiation between parties to assist them in reaching a voluntary agreement regarding their dispute.

(2) "Mediation communication" means a statement, whether oral or in a record or verbal or nonverbal, that occurs during a mediation or is made for purposes of considering, conducting, participating in, initiating, continuing, or reconvening a mediation or retaining a mediator.

(3) "Mediator" means an individual who conducts a mediation.

(4) "Nonparty participant" means a person, other than a party or mediator, that participates in a mediation.

(5) "Mediation party" means a person that participates in a mediation and whose agreement is necessary to resolve the dispute.

(6) "Person" means an individual, corporation, business trust, estate, trust, partnership, limited liability company, association, joint venture, government; governmental subdivision, agency, or instrumentality; public corporation, or any other legal or commercial entity.

(7) "Proceeding" means:

(A) a judicial, administrative, arbitral, or other adjudicative process, including related pre-hearing and post-hearing motions, conferences, and discovery; or

(B) a legislative hearing or similar process.

(8) "Record" means information that is inscribed on a tangible medium or that is stored in an electronic or other medium and is retrievable in perceivable form.

(9) "Sign" means:

(A) to execute or adopt a tangible symbol with the present intent to authenticate a record; or

(B) to attach or logically associate an electronic symbol, sound, or process to or with a record with the present intent to authenticate a record.



(a) Except as otherwise provided in subsection (b) or (c), this [Act] applies to a mediation in which:

(1) the mediation parties are required to mediate by statute or court or administrative agency rule or referred to mediation by a court, administrative agency, or arbitrator;

(2) the mediation parties and the mediator agree to mediate in a record that demonstrates an expectation that mediation communications will be privileged against disclosure; or

(3) the mediation parties use as a mediator an individual who holds himself or herself out as a mediator, or the mediation is provided by a person that holds itself out as providing mediation.

(b) The [Act] does not apply to a mediation:

(1) relating to the establishment, negotiation, administration, or termination of a collective bargaining relationship;

(2) relating to a dispute that is pending under or is part of the processes established by a collective bargaining agreement, except that the [Act] applies to a mediation arising out of a dispute that has been filed with an administrative agency or court;

(3) conducted by a judge who might make a ruling on the case; or

(4) conducted under the auspices of:

i) a primary or secondary school if all the parties are students or

ii) a correctional institution for youths if all the parties are residents that institution.

(c) If the parties agree in advance in a signed record, or a record of proceeding reflects agreement by the parties, that all or part of a mediation is not privileged, the privileges under Sections 4 through 6 do not apply to the mediation or part agreed upon. However, Sections 4 through 6 apply to a mediation communication made by a person that has not received actual notice of the agreement before the communication is made.



(a) Except as otherwise provided in Section 6, a mediation communication is privileged as provided in subsection (b) and is not subject to discovery or admissible in evidence in a proceeding unless waived or precluded as provided by Section 5.

(b) In a proceeding, the following privileges apply:

(1) A mediation party may refuse to disclose, and may prevent any other person from disclosing, a mediation communication.

(2) A mediator may refuse to disclose a mediation communication, and may prevent any other person from disclosing a mediation communication of the mediator.

(3) A nonparty participant may refuse to disclose, and may prevent any other person from disclosing, a mediation communication of the nonparty participant.

(c) Evidence or information that is otherwise admissible or subject to discovery does not become inadmissible or protected from discovery solely by reason of its disclosure or use in a mediation.



(a) A privilege under Section 4 may be waived in a record or orally during a proceeding if it is expressly waived by all parties to the mediation and:

(1) in the case of the privilege of a mediator, it is expressly waived by the mediator; and

(2) in the case of the privilege of a nonparty participant, it is expressly waived by the nonparty participant.

(b) A person that discloses or makes a representation about a mediation communication which prejudices another person in a proceeding is precluded from asserting a privilege under Section 4, but only to the extent necessary for the person prejudiced to respond to the representation or disclosure.

(c) A person that intentionally uses a mediation to plan, attempt to commit or commit a crime, or to conceal an ongoing crime or ongoing criminal activity is precluded from asserting a privilege under Section 4.



(a) There is no privilege under Section 4 for a mediation communication that is:

(1) in an agreement evidenced by a record signed by all parties to the agreement;

(2) available to the public under [insert statutory reference to open records act] or made during a session of a mediation which is open, or is required by law to be open, to the public;

(3) a threat or statement of a plan to inflict bodily injury or commit a crime of violence;

(4) intentionally used to plan a crime, attempt to commit a crime, or to conceal an ongoing crime or ongoing criminal activity;

(5) sought or offered to prove or disprove a claim or complaint of professional misconduct or malpractice filed against a mediator;

(6) except as otherwise provided in subsection (c), sought or offered to prove or disprove a claim or complaint of professional misconduct or malpractice filed against a mediation party, nonparty participant, or representative of a party based on conduct occurring during a mediation; or

(7) sought or offered to prove or disprove abuse, neglect, abandonment, or exploitation in a proceeding in which a child or adult protective services agency is a party, unless the

[Alternative A: [State to insert, for example, child or adult protection] case is referred by a court to mediation and a public agency participates.]

[Alternative B: public agency participates in the [State to insert, for example, child or adult protection] mediation].

(b) There is no privilege under Section 4 if a court, administrative agency, or arbitrator finds, after a hearing in camera, that the party seeking discovery or the proponent of the evidence has shown that the evidence is not otherwise available, that there is a need for the evidence that substantially outweighs the interest in protecting confidentiality, and that the mediation communication is sought or offered in:

(1) a court proceeding involving a felony [or misdemeanor]; or

(2) except as otherwise provided in subsection (c), a proceeding to prove a claim to rescind or reform or a defense to avoid liability on a contract arising out of the mediation.

(c) A mediator may not be compelled to provide evidence of a mediation communication referred to in subsection (a)(6) or (b)(2).

(d) If a mediation communication is not privileged under subsection (a) or (b), only the portion of the communication necessary for the application of the exception from nondisclosure may be admitted. Admission of evidence under subsection (a) or (b) does not render the evidence, or any other mediation communication, discoverable or admissible for any other purpose.



(a) Except as required in subsection (b), a mediator may not make a report, assessment, evaluation, recommendation, finding, or other communication regarding a mediation to a court, administrative agency, or other authority that may make a ruling on the dispute that is the subject of the mediation.

(b) A mediator may disclose:

(1) whether the mediation occurred or has terminated, whether a settlement was reached, and attendance;

(2) a mediation communication as permitted under Section 6; or

(3) a mediation communication evidencing abuse, neglect, abandonment, or exploitation of an individual to a public agency responsible for protecting individuals against such mistreatment.

(c) A communication made in violation of subsection (a) may not be considered by a court, administrative agency, or arbitrator.



Unless subject to the [insert statutory references to open meetings act and open records act], mediation communications are confidential to the extent agreed by the parties or provided by other law or rule of this State.



(a) Before accepting a mediation, an individual who is requested to serve as a mediator shall:

(1) make an inquiry that is reasonable under the circumstances to determine whether there are any known facts that a reasonable individual would consider likely to affect the impartiality of the mediator, including a financial or personal interest in the outcome of the mediation and an existing or past relationship with a mediation party or foreseeable participant in the mediation; and

(2) disclose any such known fact to the mediation parties as soon as is practical before accepting a mediation.

(b) If a mediator learns any fact described in subsection (a)(1) after accepting a mediation, the mediator shall disclose it as soon as is practicable.

(c) At the request of a mediation party, an individual who is requested to serve as a mediator shall disclose the mediator's qualifications to mediate a dispute.

(d) A person that violates subsection [(a) or (b)][(a), (b), or (g)] is precluded by the violation from asserting a privilege under Section 4.

(e) Subsections (a), (b), [and] (c), [and] [(g)] do not apply to an individual acting as a judge.

(f) This [Act] does not require that a mediator have a special qualification by background or profession.

[(g) A mediator must be impartial, unless after disclosure of the facts required in subsections (a) and (b) to be disclosed, the parties agree otherwise.]



An attorney or other individual designated by a party may accompany the party to and participate in a mediation. A waiver of participation given before the mediation may be rescinded.



This [Act] modifies, limits, or supersedes the federal Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act, 15 U.S.C. Section 7001 et seq., but this [Act] does not modify, limit, or supersede Section 101(c) of that Act or authorize electronic delivery of any of the notices described in Section 103(b) of that Act.



In applying and construing this [Act], consideration must be given to the need to promote uniformity of the law with respect to its subject matter among States that enact it.



If any provision of this [Act] or its application to any person or circumstance is held invalid, the invalidity does not affect other provisions or applications of this [Act] which can be given effect without the invalid provision or application, and to this end the provisions of this [Act] are severable.



This [Act] takes effect ................... .



The following acts and parts of acts are hereby repealed:





(a) This [Act] governs a mediation pursuant to a referral or an agreement to mediate made on or after [the effective date of this [Act]].

(b) On or after [a delayed date], this [Act] governs an agreement to mediate whenever made.


Sample Summary of Significant Differences Between UMA and Current California Statutes


Area of Significant Difference

Uniform Mediation Act

Current California Statutes

1. Structure of protection

Privilege (with 3 differing levels) UMA Section 4

Communications inadmissible Ev. C. 1119

Parties may assert full privilege, mediator may refuse to disclose communications and block own statements, others attending may only block own statements 4

All communications inadmissible unless all participants expressly agree otherwise 1122

2. Neutrality of mediator

Optional section requiring impartiality 9(g)

Must be neutral third party 1115(a)

3. Scope

Excludes labor/management, and peer mediation in schools and youth correctional institutions 3(b)

Covers labor/management and peer mediations 1117

4. Confidentiality opt-outs

Parties can opt to make any session on-the-record 3(c)

All participants must expressly agree to remove confidentiality 1122

5. No privilege or protection:

If knowingly use mediation for criminal act 5(c), 6(a)(4)

In later criminal process or trial 1119

For threats to inflict bodily injury 6(a)3

In later criminal process or trial

For evidence of abuse, neglect etc. in proceedings where child or adult protective agency is a party (except if agency was in the mediation) 6(a)(7)

In later criminal process or trial

In mediation sessions open to the public 6(a)2

Covers public sessions 1117

Claims of mediation professional misconduct against attorney, representative, expert, or mediator 6(a)(6)&(7)

Mediation communications inadmissible (no exception for malpractice claims)

6. After in camera hearing and necessity findings -- court, agency, etc. may admit evidence, compel testimony

In proceeding for enforcement or reform of settlement agreement 6(b)2

Mediation communications not admissible in later fights over settlement agreement 1123

In criminal proceedings 6(b)1

No protection in crimial proceedings 1119

7. Representation, support

Right to bring attorney, rape counselor, support 10

Silent (barred in Family Court "mediations")

8. Conflicts disclosure requirement

Disclosure of known conflicts 9


9. Mediator testimony

May testify, but may not be compelled in later settlement fights or professional misconduct claims 6(c)

Mediators not competent to testify in later civil proceedings except contempt 703.5

10. When mediation ends


Ends with settlement, written withdrawal, or ten days after last communication 1125

11. Wrongful subpoenas


Attorneys fees to mediator 1127

12. Wrongful references to mediation communications in later proceedings

Prejudiced person may respond 5(c)

Grounds for mistrial, vacateur of award 1128

13. General interstate uniformity

Would provide if many states adopt


14. Predictability of legislative enactment and court interpretations

Uncertain legislative amendments and adoption

Courts required to try to follow decisions of all other state courts where UMA adopted, if enacted 12

Current sections 1115-1128 adopted unanimously by Calif. Legislature - upheld by unanimous Calif. Supreme Court (Foxgate)

Rough Summary of Differences Only - See full text © 2001-2002, Ron Kelly. For permission to copy or request a presentation, please call 510-843-6074, or email

Your State's Uniform Law Commissioners - Contact Info (Alphabetically by state, second phone number is fax ) Please note: Some of your commissioners may have changed. You can request the most recent list of commissioners for your state from the NCCUSL office at 312-915-0195. It is suggested that you address commisisoners as "NCCUSL Commissioner Arthur H. Peterson" in emails or letters.

AK Arthur H. Peterson 350 N. Franklin St.Juneau AK 99801 907/586-4000 907/586-3777

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AL Mark L. Gaines 2714 20th Street S. Suite B Birmingham AL 35209 205/458-1100 205/328-6957

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IN H. Kathleen Patchel Indiana University-Indianapolis 530 W. New York St Indianapolis IN 46202-5194 317/274-2609 317/278-7563

IN Martha T. Starkey Two Meridian Corporate Plaza 401 Pennsylvania Parkway Suite 100 Indianapolis IN 46280 317/705-8888 317/705-8884

IN Frederick F. Eichhorn , Jr. 7907 Lake Shore DriveGary IN 46403 219/938-2977 219/938-2955

IN C. Ben Dutton 2702 Ryan DriveIndianapolis IN 46220-2864 317/633-4000 317/633-1494

IN Merrill Moores 244 N. College Ave.Indianapolis IN 46202 317/639-3315 317/639-3318

IN John J. Stieff Office of Code Revision State House, Room 302 Indianapolis IN 42604 317/232-9572 317/232-2554

IN Vi S. Simpson 4965 West Woodland Dr.Bloomington IN 47404 317/232-9849 317/232-9903

IN Gerald L. Bepko Indiana University 355 N. Lansing St. Indianapolis IN 46202 317/274-4417 317/274-4615

IN Donald Densborn 2700 First Indiana Plaza 135 North Pennsylvania St. Indianapolis IN 46204 317/684-5000 317/684-5173


KS Richard C. Hite Suite 600 200 W. Douglas Ave. Wichita KS 67202 316/265-7741 316/267-7803

KS Elwaine F. Pomeroy 1415 S.W. Topeka Blvd.Topeka KS 66612-1818 785/357-0311 785/357-4450

KS James M. Concannon Washburn University School of Law 1700 College Ave. Topeka KS 66621 785/231-1060 785/232-8087

KS Glee S. Smith P.O. Box 667Lawrence KS 66044 785/843-6600 785/843-8405

KS John L. Vratil 9401 Indian Creek Parkway Suite 1050 Overland Park KS 66210 913/451-5100 913/451-0875

KS John F. Hayes 20 West 2nd Ave. 2nd Floor P.O. Box 2977 Hutchinson KS 67504-2977 316/662-0537 316/669-9426

KS Michael R. O'Neal P.O. Box 2977Hutchinson KS 67504 316/662-0537 316/669-9426


KY Don Cetrulo 501 Darby Creek Rd. Suite 47 Lexington KY 40509 859/263-3560 859/263-2054

KY Steve Wilborn Suite 403 305 Ann St. Frankfort KY 40601 502/875-3742 502/875-1171

KY Norvie L. Lay University of Louisville School of Law Louisville KY 40292 502/852-6374 502/852-0862

KY John M. Spangler Legislative Research Commission Room 409, State Capitol Frankfort KY 40601 502/564-8100 502/223-5094

KY Stephen C. Cawood 163 W. Short St. Suite 300 Lexington KY 40507-1361 606/231-8780 606/281-6480

KY John S. Gillig Office of the Speaker Room 309 State Capitol Frankfort KY 40601 502/564-3366 502/564-7178

KY Norman W. Lawson , Jr. Legislative Research Commission Room 408, State Capitol Bldg. Frankfort KY 40601 502/564-8100 502/223-5094


LA Glenn Ansardi 1940 1-10 Service Road, Suite 125Kenner LA 70065 504/466-1331

LA Jerry J. Guillot Senate Research Services P.O. Box 44343 Baton Rouge LA 70804 225/342-0614 225/342-0617

LA William D. Hawkland Louisiana State University 3651 S. Lakeshore Dr. Baton Rouge LA 70808 225/346-8841 225/346-8841

LA William E. Crawford Louisiana State Law Institute Room 382, LSU Law Ctr. Baton Rouge LA 70803 225/342-6360 225/342-6937

LA Robert G. Pugh Suite 2100 333 Texas St. Shreveport LA 71101 318/227-2270 318/227-2273

LA Kerry Triche Paul M. Hebert Law Center Room 382 University Station Baton Rouge LA 70803-1016 225/752-2554 225/342-6937

LA Thomas A. Casey Jones, Walker, Waechter, Pointevent, Carrere & Denegre Four United Plaza 8555 United Plaza Blvd Baton Rouge LA 70809-7000 225/231-2000 225/231-3375

LA Henry Deeb Gabriel , Jr. Loyola University School of Law 526 Pine St. New Orleans LA 70118 504/861-5667 504/861-5894


MA William C. Hillman U.S. Bankruptcy Court Room 1101 10 Causeway St. Boston MA 02222 617/565-6097 617/565-8760

MA Randall L. Kennedy Harvard University Law SchoolCambridge MA 02138 617/495-0907 617/496-5515

MA David E. Sullivan State House, Room 200Boston MA 02133-1053 617/722-1470 617/722-1070

MA Edwin E. Smith Bingham, Dana, LLP 15th Floor 150 Federal St. Boston MA 02110 617/951-8615 617/951-8736

MA Elaine M. Farrell Office of House Counsel Room 139, State House Boston MA 02133 617/722-2360 617/722-2644

MA Stephen Y. Chow One Beacon St. 30th Floor Boston MA 02108 617/854-4000 617/854-4040

MA Edward L. Schwartz 17 Ledgewood Rd.Weston MA 02193 617/235-0806


MD M. Michael Cramer 216 N. Adams St.Rockville MD 20850 301/424-0677 301/340-6947

MD M. King Hill , Jr. Suite 2329 8810 Walther Blvd. Baltimore MD 21234 410/661-5211 410/657-3507

MD K. King Burnett P.O. Box 910Salisbury MD 21803-0910 410/742-3176 410/742-0438

MD Frank F. Jestrab 419 Russell Avenue Suite 204 Gaithersburg MD 20877-2871 301/982-6583


ME Bruce A. Coggeshall One Monument Sq.Portland ME 04101 207/791-1234 207/791-1350

ME Margaret E. Matheson Office of Revisor of Statutes State House, Station 7 Augusta ME 04333 207/287-1650 207/287-6468

ME Robert C. Robinson P.O. Box 568 12 Portland Pier Portland ME 04112 207/772-6565 207/773-5001


MI Gary B. Gulliver Legislative Service Bureau P.O. Box 30036 Lansing MI 48909 517/373-5613 517/373-0171

MI Andrew Richner House Office Building Room S0585 P.O. Box 30014 Lansing MI 48909-7514 517/373-0154 517/373-6094

MI Stephen Adamini 27 Oak Hill Dr.Marquette MI 49855

MI Tom Downs 1200 E. Prescott Dr.East Lansing MI 48823 517/351-5752

MI Christopher D. Dingell P.O. Box 30036 Room 910, Farnum Bldg. Lansing MI 48909 517/373-7800 517/373-9310

MI Laura Baird House Offfice Building Room S1089 P.O. Box 30014 Lansing MI 48909-7514 517/373-1786 517/373-5717

MI Robert B. Webster 3rd Floor 255 S. Old Woodward Ave. Birmingham MI 48009 248/642-9692 248/642-2174

MI William J. Pierce 1505 Roxbury Rd.Ann Arbor MI 48104 734/662-6605 734/973-9208

MI James J. White University of Michigan Law School 625 South State St. Ann Arbor MI 48109-1215 734/764-9325 734/764-8309

MI Willis Bullard , Jr. P.O. Box 30036 Farnum Building, Room 305 Lansing MI 48909-7536 517/373-1758 517/373-0938


MN Jack Davies 687 Woodridge Dr.Mendota Heights MN 55118 651/451-6048 651/451-7557

MN Michele L. Timmons Office of the Revisor of Statutes 700 State Office Bldg. 100 Constitution Ave. St. Paul MN 55155 651/296-2778 651/296-0569

MN Michael P. Sullivan P.O. Box 39286 7505 Metro Blvd. Minneapolis MN 55439 952/830-0308 952/830-0301

MN Robert J. Tennessen 3400 City Center 33 South 6th St. Minneapolis MN 55402-3796 612/343-2909 612/333-0066

MN Harry M. Walsh 456 Summit Ave. #206St. Paul MN 55102 651/224-0512

MN Harriet Lansing Court of Appeals Judicial Bldg. 25 Constitution Ave. St. Paul MN 55155 651/297-1010 651/297-8779

MN Harry J. Haynsworth , IV William Mitchell College of Law 875 Summit Ave. St. Paul MN 55105 651/290-6310 651/290-6426


MO William H. Henning University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law 313 Hulston Hall Columbia MO 65211 573/882-6753 573/882-4984

MO Ralph C. Kidd Committee on Legislative Research Room 117A, State Capitol Jefferson City MO 65101 573/751-4223 573/751-1476

MO Harry Wiggins Missouri Senate Room 423, State Capitol Jefferson City MO 65101 573/751-2788 573/751-2745

MO Robert G. Bailey 217 Hulston Hall MU School of Law Columbia MO 65211 573/882-6891

MO John Fox Arnold 714 Locust St.St. Louis MO 63101 314/621-2939 314/621-6844

MO Patricia Brumfield Fry University of Missouri School of Law Missouri Avenue & Conley Ave Columbia MO 65211 573/884-7761 573/882-4984

MO David M. English University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law Missouri Ave. & Conley Ave. Columbia MO 65211 573/882-6854 573/882-4984

MO Michael A. Ferry Gateway Legal Services 4232 Forest Park Ave Suite 1800 St. Louis MO 63108 314/534-0404 314/652-8308

MO Timothy J. Heinsz University of Missouri-Columbia School of Law 230 Hulston Hall Columbia MO 65211 573/882-6487 573/882-4984

MO Lewis C. Green 705 Olive St. Suite 614 St. Louis MO 63101 314/231-4181 314/231-4184


MS Teresa Ann Beck House Legislative Services Office P.O. Box 1018 Jackson MS 39215 601/359-3310 601/359-2928

MS Samuel M. Davis 309 Lamar Law CenterUniversity MS 38677 662/915-6900 662/915-6895

MS Robert Davidson Mississippi State Senate PO Box 1016 Jackson MS 39215-1018 601/359-3217 601/359-2775

MS Regina R. Quinn PO Box 1869Jackson MS 39215 601/353-7977 601/353-7978

MS Edwin Perry PO Box 1018Jackson MS 39215-1018 601/359-3360 601/359-3728

MS William Hooper , Jr. Law Research Institute The University of Mississippi Room 518, Law Ctr. University MS 38677 662/915-7775 662/915-5267

MS John M. Harral 1418 20th AvenueGulfport MS 39501 228/822-0023 228/863-0922

MS Percy W. Watson PO Box 1767Hattiesburg MS 39403 601/545-1112 601/582-4293

MS William A. Neely , Jr. Senate Finance Committee P.O. Box 1018 Jackson MS 39215 601/359-3247 601/359-3935

MS Neely C. Carlton PO Box 451Greenville MS 38702-0918 662/378-2121 662/378-2183


MT Joseph P. Mazurek Crowley, Haughey, Hanson, Toole & Dietrich PLLP Box 797 Helena MT 59624 406/457-2000 406/449-5149

MT E. Edwin Eck , II University of Montana School of Law Missoula MT 59812 406/243-4311 406/243-2576

MT Gregory J. Petesch Legislative Council PO Box 201706 Helena MT 59620-1706 406/444-3064 406/444-3036

MT James C. Nelson Montana Supreme Court 215 N. Sanders St., Room 425 P.O. Box 20031 Helena MT 59601 406/444-5570 406/444-3274

MT Alex Blewett P.O. Box 2269Great Falls MT 59403 406/727-5000 406/727-5419

MT Robert E. Sullivan 112 Hillcrest LoopMissoula MT 59803 406/543-7881


NC Carlton E. Fellers P.O. Box 1730Raleigh NC 27602 919/833-1931 919/833-8009

NC Robinson O. Everett P.O. Box 586 301 W. Main St. Durham NC 27702 919/682-5691 919/682-5469

NC Rhoda B. Billings Wake Forest University School of Law P.O. Box 7206 Winston-Salem NC 27109 336/758-5717 336/758-4496

NC Floyd M. Lewis Office of the Attorney General P.O. Box 629 Raleigh NC 27602 919/716-6800 919/716-6755

NC James A. Wynn , Jr. Court of Appeals One West Morgan St. P.O. Box 888 Raleigh NC 27602 919/733-6185 919/733-8003

NC Sidney S. Eagles , Jr. Court of Appeals One West Morgan St. P.O. Box 888 Raleigh NC 27602 919/733-4230 919/733-8003

NC Elmer R. Oettinger 58 Oakwood Dr.Chapel Hill NC 27514 919/942-1048

NC Russell G. Walker , Jr. Superior Court 19-B Judicial District 145 Worth St. Asheboro NC 27203 336/318-6888 336/633-7677

NC Susan Kelly Nichols P.O. Box 629Raleigh NC 27602-0629 919/716-6890 919/716-6755


ND Gail H. Hagerty Burleigh County Court House P.O. Box 1013 514 E. Thayer Ave. Bismarck ND 58502-1013 701/222-6682 701/222-6689

ND William E. Kretschmar P.O. Box 36 117 First Ave., NW Ashley ND 58413-0036 701/288-3632 701/288-9540

ND David J. Hogue P.O. Box 1000 2nd Floor 20 S.W. 1st St. Minot ND 58702-1000 701/852-0381 701/857-1361

ND Jay E. Buringrud Legislative Council State Capitol 600 E. Boulevard Ave. Bismarck ND 58505-0360 701/328-2916 701/328-3615

ND Wayne K. Stenehjem P.O. Box 6352Grand Forks ND 58206-6352 701/775-6281 701/775-4679

ND Lawrence R. Klemin P.O. Box 955Bismarck ND 58502-0955 701/258-8988 701/258-8486

ND Michael B. Unhjem 4510 13th Ave., S.W.Fargo ND 58121 701/282-1327 701/282-1866

NE Joanne M. Pepperl Office of Revisor of Statutes Room 358, State Capitol Lincoln NE 68509 402/471-2078 402/471-4025


NE Harvey S. Perlman University of Nebraska-Lincoln 201 Canfield Administration Bldg. Lincoln NE 68588-0419 402/472-2116 402/472-5110

NE C. Arlen Beam U.S. Court of Appeals 435 Federal Bldg. Lincoln NE 68508 402/437-5420 402/437-5435

NE Norman Krivosha 5900 O St.Lincoln NE 68510 402/464-8200 402/467-7956

NE Larry L. Ruth Suite 202 1233 Lincoln Mall Lincoln NE 68508 402/434-3399 402/434-3390

NH Michael D. Ruedig P.O. Box 1415 214 N. Main St. Concord NH 03302 603/228-1181 603/226-3477

NH Jeffrey R. Howard Office of Attorney General 25 Capitol St. Concord NH 03301 603/271-3655 603/271-2110

NH W. Michael Dunn P.O. Box 3701 1000 Elm St. Manchester NH 03105 603/627-8199 603/627-8121


NJ Joseph M. Donegan One Pluckemin Way P.O. Box 754 Bedminster NJ 07921 908/658-3800 908/658-4659

NJ Barry H. Evenchick Hellring, Lindeman 8th Floor One Gateway Center Newark NJ 07102 973/621-9020 973/621-7406

NJ Howard T. Rosen 321 N. Wyoming Avenue Apt. 1-C South Orange NJ 07079 973/763-5313 973/763-5312


NM Cisco McSorley 500 Tijeras N.W.Albuquerque NM 87102 505/247-1928 505/247-2121

NM W. Ken Martinez P.O. Box 10Grants NM 87020 505/287-8801 505/287-4877

NM Thomas P. Foy , Sr. P.O. Box 2615 210 W. Broadway Silver City NM 88062 505/538-2967 505/388-4747

NM Philip P. Larragoite Suite 300 707 Broadway Blvd., N.E. Albuquerque NM 87103 505/247-0411 505/842-8890

NM Robert J. Desiderio University of New Mexico School of Law 1117 Stanford Dr., N.E. Albuquerque NM 87131 505/277-4700 505/277-1597

NM Raymond G. Sanchez P.O. Box 1966 215 8th Street SW Albuquerque NM 87102 505/247-4324

NM John P. Burton P.O. Box 1357 Suite 101 123 E. Marcy St. Santa Fe NM 87501 505/954-3906 505/954-3942

NM Paula Tackett Legislative Council Service Room 411, State Capitol Santa Fe NM 87501 505/986-4600 505/986-4680


NV Terry J. Care 333 South Sixth St.Las Vegas NV 89101 702/388-0098 702/388-0361

NV Scott G. Wasserman Legislative Counsel Bureau 401 S. Carson St. Carson City NV 89710 775/684-6830 775/687-6761

NV Scott Scherer 101 N. Carson St.Carson City NV 89701 775/684-5670 775/684-5683

NV Robert R. Barengo The Gray Mansion 457 Court St. Reno NV 89501 775/329-6275 775/329-5563

NV Frank W. Daykin 4745 Giles WayCarson City NV 89704 775/849-1296 775/849-1296

NV Brenda J. Erdoes Legislative Counsel Bureau 401 S. Carson St. Carson City NV 89710-4747 775/684-6833 775/684-6761

NV Greg Brower P.O. Box 281Reno NV 89504-0281 775/786-5000

NV David E. Humke P.O. Box 70656Reno NV 89570 775/825-7740 775/324-6561

NV Mark A. James 3800 Howard Hughes Parkway Sixth Floor Las Vegas NV 89109 702/693-4211 702/796-0078


NY Richard B. Smith Davis, Polk & Wardwell 450 Lexington Avenue New York NY 10017 212/450-4066 212/450-5549

NY Robert A. Hillman Cornell Law School Myron Taylor Hall Ithaca NY 14853 607/255-4902 607/255-7193

NY Richard B. Long P.O. Box 2039 20 Hawley Street East Tower Binghamton NY 13902 607/723-9511 607/772-6093

NY Sandra Stern 509 Madison Avenue Suite 612 New York NY 10022 212/207-8150 212/317-1030

NY Norman L. Greene 39th Floor 60 E. 42nd St. New York NY 10165-0006 212/661-5030 212/687-2123

NY Jamie-Lynne Elacqua New York State Legislative Bill Drafting Commission Room 310, Capitol Albany NY 12224 518/455-7538

NY Justin L. Vigdor 2400 Chase Sq.Rochester NY 14604 716/232-5300 716/232-3528

NY William M. Burke Shearman & Sterling 599 Lexington Ave. New York NY 10022-6069 212/848-4035 212/848-7179


OH Leon M. McCorkle , Jr. P.O. Box 387Dublin OH 43017-0387 614/764-3210 614/764-3243

OH William L. Evans Ohio Northern University Pettit College of Law 525 S. Main St. Ada OH 45810 419/772-2206 419/772-2318

OH Stanley M. Fisher 1100 Huntington Bldg. 925 Euclid Avenue Cleveland OH 44115-1475 216/514-6763 216/514-6762

OH Michael Burns Legislative Service Commission 9th Floor 77 S. High St. Columbus OH 43266 614/466-7853 614/644-1721

OH Boris Auerbach 332 Ardon Ln.Wyoming OH 45215 513/821-1828 513/821-1828

OH Frederick D. Nelson 1 West Fourth Street Suite 2201 Cincinnati OH 45202 573/381-0113 513/381-0114

OH Nancy H. Rogers Office of Academic Affairs 203 Bricker Hall 190 N. Oval Mall Columbus OH 43210 614/292-5881 614/292-3658


OK Mike Hunter 2300 N. Lincoln Blvd. Suite 101 Oklahoma City OK 73105-4897 405/521-6434 405/521-2031

OK Kenneth W. Elliott City Place Building Twenty-Second Floor 204 North Robinson Ave. Oklahoma City OK 73102 405/236-3600 405/239-2265

OK Owen L. Anderson University of Oklahoma College of Law 300 Timberdell Rd. Norman OK 73019 405/325-5405 405/325-0389

OK Robert H. Henry U.S. Court of Appeals Room 2421 200 N.W. Fourth St. Oklahoma City OK 73102 405/609-5440 405/231-4887

OK Bryce A. Baggett 2404 N.W. 113th Pl.Oklahoma City OK 73120-7306 405/755-3261

OK Fred H. Miller University of Oklahoma College of Law 300 Timberdell Rd. Norman OK 73019 405/325-4699 405/325-0389

OK Duchess Bartmess 3408 Windsor Ave.Oklahoma City OK 73122 405/947-3408 405/947-3408

OK R. Stratton Taylor P.O. Box 309Claremore OK 74018 918/343-4100 918/343-4900

OK Loyd Benson State Capitol 2300 Lincoln Blvd Oklahoma City OK 73105 405/557-7484 405/557-7445

OK Marian P. Opala Supreme Court Room 238, State Capitol Oklahoma City OK 73105 405/521-4914 405/522-5341

OK Leo H. Whinery University of Oklahoma College of Law 300 Timberdell Rd. Norman OK 73019 405/325-4699 405/325-6282


OR D. Joe Willis Stes. 1600-1950, Pacwest Ctr. 1211 S.W. 5th Ave. Portland OR 97204 503/222-9981 503/796-2900

OR Martha Lee Walters 245 E. 4th StreetEugene OR 97401 541/683-2506 541/683-3149

OR Gregory Chaimov S-101 State CapitolSalem OR 97310-0630 503/986-1243 503/373-1043

OR Oglesby H. Young The ODS Building 601 S.W. 2nd Avenue Suite 2100 Portland OR 97204-3158 503/778-2100 503/778-2200


PA Anne Bowen Poulin Villanova University School of Law 299 North Spring Mill Road Garey Hall Villanova PA 19085 610/519-7082 610/519-6282

PA Vincent C. DeLiberato , Jr. Legislative Reference Bureau Room 641 Main Capitol Buidling Harrisburg PA 17120-0033 717/783-3989

PA Robert W. Zech Legislative Reference Bureau 641 Main Capitol Bldg. Harrisburg PA 17120 717/783-8079 717/783-2396

PA David L. Hostetter Joint State Government Commission 108 Finance Bldg. Harrisburg PA 17120 717/783-9376 717/787-7020

PA Stephen F. Tuckey Office of General Counsel 333 Market Street Harrisburg PA 17101 717/787-9334 717/783-7206

PA Harvey A. Feldman Dickinson School of Law Pennsylvania State University 150 S. College St. Carlisle PA 17013 717/240-5016 717/240-5213

PA James M. Sheehan Office of General Counsel 225 Main Capitol Bldg. Harrisburg PA 17120 717/787-2551 717/772-8570

PA Curtis R. Reitz University of Pennsylvania School of Law 3400 Chestnut St. Philadelphia PA 19104 215/898-7464 215/573-2025


PR Alberto Ferrer Inter American University School of Law P.O. Box 8513 San Juan PR 00910 787/722-5429 787/751-3991

PR Francisco L. Acevedo Nogueras P.O. Box 9023905San Juan PR 00902-3905 787/977-3711 or -3712 787/977-3773


RI George C. Berk 115 Summit DriveCranston RI 02920 401/944-5352 401/276-6611

RI Raymond A. Pacia 50 Power Rd.Pawtucket RI 02860 401/727-1500 401/722-4490

RI Ronald W. Del Sesto Del Sesto Hall's Building 49 Weybosset St. Providence RI 02903 401/421-1492 401/421-9080

RI John P. O'Conner Office of Legislative Council Suite 17 State House Providence RI 02903 401/222-2653 401/222-6065

RI John M. Roney 344 Wickenden St.Providence RI 02903 401/421-9794 401/421-0132

RI Anthony J. Santoro Roger Williams University One Old Ferry Rd. Bristol RI 02809 401/254-3201 401/254-3158

RI Cay C. Massouda Law Revision Office State House Room 11B Providence RI 02903 401/222-3614 401/222-1174


SC John W. Thomas 2nd Floor, 6 Calendar Ct. P.O. Box 6216 Columbia SC 29206 803/782-4888 803/782-9812

SC Thomas S. Linton 4323 Shorebrook Dr.Columbia SC 29206 803/787-3585

SC Peden B. McLeod P.O. Box 230Walterboro SC 29488-0003 843/549-2516 843/549-2306


SD Barbara Everist 709 Tomar Rd.Sioux Falls SD 57105 605/339-0565 605/339-0565

SD Michael DeMersseman 516 Fifth Street PO Box 1820 Rapid City SD 57709-1820 605/342-2814 605/342-0732

SD Scott N. Heidepriem 431 N. Phillips Ave. Suite 400 Sioux Falls SD 57104 605/338-4304 605/338-4162

SD Richard O. Gregerson Woods, Fuller, Schultz & Smith P.C. 300 South Phillips Avenue Suite 300 Sioux Falls SD 57104-6322 605/336-3890 605/339-3357

SD Gene N. Lebrun P.O. Box 8250 Suite 900 909 St. Joseph St. Rapid City SD 57709 605/342-2592 605/342-5185


TN Ellen C. Tewes G10, War Memorial BuildingNashville TN 37243-0059 615/741-3056 615/741-1146

TN Charles A. Trost Nashville City Center 511 Union St., Suite 2100 Nashville TN 37219 615/252-2411 615/244-6804

TN George H. Buxton , III 31 East Tennessee AvenueOak Ridge TN 37830 423/482-4920 423/482-8690

TN Ross B. Clark , II Brinkley Plaza 80 Monroe Ave. Suite 700 Memphis TN 38103-2467 901/524-4922 901/524-4936


TX David Godbey 160th District Court 600 Commerce St. Dallas TX 75202 214/653-7273 214/653-7288

TX Levi J. Benton 215th Judicial District CourtHouston TX 77008 713/755-6816 713/223-4840

TX Leonard Reese Legislative Council P.O. Box 12128 Capitol Station Austin TX 78711 512/463-1155

TX Harry L. Tindall Tindall & Foster 1300 Post Oak Blvd Suite 2200 Houston TX 77056-3014 713/622-8733 713/622-8744

TX Peter K. Munson P.O. Box 1949 123 South Travis St. Sherman TX 75091-1949 903/893-8161 903/893-1345

TX Marilyn E. Phelan Texas Tech University School of Law 1801 Hartford Lubbock TX 79409 806/742-3990 ext. 251 806/742-0901

TX Earl L. Yeakel III TX Court of Appeals 3rd Dstrct 209 W. 14th Street Price Daniel Senior Building Austin TX 78701 512/463-1691 512/472-6128

TX Marion W. Benfield , Jr. 10 Overlook CircleNew Braunfels TX 78132 830/608-9776 830/608-9806

TX Karen Roberts Washington Throp, Hatworth & Washington 2929 Carlisle Suite 250 Dallas TX 75204 214/969-5500 214/969-9060

TX Stanley Plettman 4th Floor 470 Orleans St. Beaumont TX 77701 409/838-6412 409/838-6959

TX Levi Berton 6646 Wildwood WayHouston TX 77023 713/923-5272

TX Patrick C. Guillot 2929 Carlisle St Suite 250Dallas TX 75204 214/969-5500 214/969-9060

TX Marianne Auld Baylor University School of Law P.O. Box 97288 Waco TX 76798 254/710-6585 254/710-2817

TX Rodney W. Satterwhite P.O. Box 1540Midland TX 79702 915/682-1616 915/682-4884

USVI Queen E. Terry PO Box 306796St. Thomas USVI 00803 340/774-8181 340/776-4382


UT Henry M. Grether , Jr. 20 Northridge WaySandy UT 84092 801/523-6255

UT Lyle W. Hillyard Hillyard, Anderson & Olsen 175 E 100 N Logan UT 84321 435/752-2610 435/753-8895

UT Greg J. Curtis P.O. Box 2084Sandy UT 84091 801/557-3027 801/942-7464

UT M. Gay Taylor Ofc. of Legis. Research & Gen. Counsel 436 State Capitol Salt Lake City UT 84114 801/538-1032 801/538-1712

UT Reed L. Martineau P.O. Box 45000 10 Exchange Pl. Salt Lake City UT 84145 801/521-9000 801/363-0400


VA Kenneth Lawrence Foran 5001 Seminary Rd.Alexandria VA 22311-1920 703/931-8824 703/931-8824

VA John A. Chanin 715 S. Washington St. Apt. B13 Alexandria VA 22314 703/836-0199 703/836-0199

VA Kimberly A. Taylor 100 Shockoe Slip 3rd Floor Richmond VA 23219 804/698-6206 804/780-1813

VA Jessica French Division of Legislative Services 910 Capitol St. General Assembly Building, Second Flr. Richmond VA 23219 804/786-3591 804/371-0169

VA Brockenbrough Lamb , Jr. Suite 1200 909 E. Main St. Richmond VA 23219 804/697-4100 804/697-4112

VA Pamela Meade Sargent P.O. Box 846Abingdon VA 24212 540/628-6021 540/628-6072

VA Esson McKenzie Miller , Jr. Division of Legislative Services 2nd Floor 910 Capitol St. Richmond VA 23219 804/786-3591 804/371-0169


VI Constance E. Krieger Legislature of the Virgin Islands Capitol Building P.O. Box 1690 St. Thomas VI 00804 340/693-3501 340/693-3567

VI Yvonne L. Tharpes Legislature of the Virgin Islands Capitol Building Post Office Box 1690 St. Thomas VI 00804

VI Amos W. Carty , Jr. Roy L. Schneider Hospital 9048 Sugar Estate St. Thomas VI 00802 340/714-6331 340/714-6316

VI Tom Bolt Corporate Place Royal Dane Mall St. Thomas VI 00802-6410 340/774-2944 340/776-1639


VT Peter F. Langrock P.O. Drawer 351Middlebury VT 05753 802/388-6356 802/388-6149

VT Stephanie J. Willbanks Vermont School of Law Chlesey St. South Royalton VT 05068 802/763-8303 x2277 802/763-2663

VT Theodore C. Kramer Kramer & Durkin P.C. 6 Allerton Avenue Brattleboro VT 05301-2939 802/257-2221 802/257-2373

VT William P. Russell Legislative Council State House Montpelier VT 05602 802/828-2231 802/828-2424

VT Carl H. Lisman 84 Pine St. P.O. Box 728 Burlington VT 05402 802/864-5756 802/864-3629

VT Clarke A. Gravel P.O. Box 369 76 St. Paul St. Burlington VT 05402 802/658-0220 802/658-1456

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WA Dennis W. Cooper Office of Code Reviser Legislative Bldg. Olympia WA 98504 360/786-6777 360/586-6480

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WA Marlin J. Appelwick Court of Appeals One Union Square 600 University St. Seattle WA 98101 206/389-3926 206/389-3946

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WV John L. McClaugherty P.O. Box 553Charleston WV 25322 304/340-1349 304/340-1044

WV Richard E. Ford The Ford Law Firm 203 W. Randolph St. Lewisburg WV 24901 304/645-1859 304/645-1918

WV Frederick P. Stamp , Jr. U.S. District Court P.O. Box 791 Wheeling WV

26003 304/233-1120 304/233-0402


WY Harold E. Meier 318 W 5th AveCheyenne WY 82001 307/777-7083

WY Richard J. Macy 322 West 27th StreetCheyenne WY 82001 307/634-3928

WY Charles G. Kepler P.O. Box 490 1135 14th St. Cody WY 82414 307/527-7891 307/527-7897



MICHAEL B. GETTY (Ret.), 1560 Sandburg Terrace, Suite 1104, Chicago, IL 60610, Chair

PHILLIP CARROLL, 120 E. Fourth Street, Little Rock, AR 72201

JOSE FELICIANO, 3200 National City Center, 1900 E. 9th Street, Cleveland, OH 44114-3485, American Bar Association Member

STANLEY M. FISHER, 1100 Huntington Building, 925 Euclid Avenue, Cleveland, OH 44115-1475, Enactment Coordinator

ROGER C. HENDERSON, University of Arizona, James E. Rogers College of Law, Mountain and Speedway Streets, Tucson, AZ 85721, Committee on Style Liaison

ELIZABETH KENT, P.O. Box 2560, Honolulu, HI, 96804

RICHARD C. REUBEN, University of Missouri &endash; Columbia School of Law, Hulston Hall, Columbia, MO 65211; Associate National Conference Reporter

NANCY H. ROGERS, Ohio State University, College of Law and Office of Academic Affairs, 203 Bricker Hall, 190 N. Oval Mall, Columbus, OH 43210, National Conference Reporter

FRANK E.A. SANDER, Harvard University Law School, Cambridge, MA 02138, American Bar Association Member

BYRON D. SHER, State Capitol, Suite 2082, Sacramento, CA 95814

MARTHA LEE WALTERS, Suite 220, 975 Oak Street, Eugene, OR 97401

THE HON. JOAN ZELDON, D.C. Superior Court, 500 Indiana Ave., Washington, DC 20001



JOHN L. MCLAUGHERTY, P.O. Box 553, Charleston, WV 25322. President

LEON M. MCCORKLE, JR., P.O. Box 387, Dublin, OH 43017-0387, Division Chair



ROBERTA COOPER RAMO, Sunwest Building, Suite 1000, 500 W. 4th Street, NW, Albuquerque, NM 87102




THOMAS J. MOYER, Co-Chair, Ohio Supreme Court, 30 E. Broad Street, Columbus, OH 43215

ROBERTA COOPER RAMO, Co-Chair, Modrall, Sperling, Roehl, Harris & Sisk, P.A., Sunwest Bldg., Ste. 1000, Albuquerque, NM 87102

MICHAEL B. GETTY, NCCUSL Representative, Room 2510, Richard J. Daley Center, 50 W. Washington Street, Chicago, IL 60602

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JAMES DIGGS, PPG Industries, 1 PPG Place, Pittsburgh, PA 15272

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FRANK A.E. SANDER, Harvard Law School, Cambridge, MA 02138

NANCY ROGERS, Ohio State University, College of Law, 55 W. 12th Avenue, Columbus, OH 43210, Coordinator

RICHARD C. REUBEN, Reporter, Harvard Law School, 506 Pound Hall, Cambridge, MA 02138


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